Understanding Keyword Research

Understanding Keyword Research


Before bumping into all sorts of online keyword research guides, it is important to have a good understanding of the whole process, the terms used and even the importance of SEO keyword research tutorials. Basically, we would say that keywords are the foundation of good SEO content. They are then complemented by other aspects such as quality content, original content and error free content. The aim of a content creator or firm is to increase their search engine rankings through increased traffic. This then leads to increased sales and hence profit for the firm. Knowing the following terms in SEO is important.


In the context of search engine optimization, a keyword is a word or phrase that simply describes the content of a website or product. They act as short cuts to the contents of a website or certain content. They are vital to search engines, content creators and the users in general. For instance, potential clients will use a common term to look for your product. That term becomes the keyword. The search engine will require the word so as to perfectly give the searchers results. You will need the keyword also to optimize the content for it to be accessed easily.

Longtail Keywords

These are phrases that constitute 3 or more keywords. Many firms prefer to use longtail keywords because of their ability to convert visitors to purchase products. A user who uses longtail keywords in their searches is almost sure of what he/she wants. It will, therefore, be easier for them to make a purchase or get such tailor-made products or content.

Search Volume

This refers to the total number of searches per month of every keyword. When conducting a keyword research, you should look for the keywords that have higher search volumes. These will be ideal for making your site or content rank up. However, we do not have a fixed number of search volume that will try and suggest that a particular term is better than the other.


Many experts and researchers will tend to look for keywords that have high search volumes and low competition. Ideally, these are the best. Competition refers to the difficulty in ranking for a particular keyword. Most specific keywords have high competition. It is, therefore, advisable to go the long-tailed way. This ensures that in the long run, you are able to boost your ranking in search engines and you are able to convert traffic into sales.

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